External Insulation

For clients all across Dublin, Kildare and Meath, Energy Smart Homes Limited installs external insulation. External insulation is the easiest and most convenient type of insulation to install.

We coat all the eternal walls of a property with the finest quality Kingspan insulation, before plastering over the walls. Increasing the wall girth by 4 centimetres. Our expert plasters leave a smooth, professional finish on your walls and the insulation increases a buildings energy rating by a whopping 35%, whilst reducing the buildings carbon footprint and the building's energy bills.

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Benefits of External Insulation

External Insulation offers domestic home owners and business owners a wealth of positive advantages including:

  • Reducing a Building’s Carbon Footprint

  • Increasing a Building’s Energy Rating

  • Reducing Energy Bills

  • Increasing the Value of a Property

The External insulation installation procedure is completely stress-free for the client. As it is all done externally, the inner workings of a building will not be disturbed. This means that a business will not have to close its doors during the installation process and a domestic property will not be put out during the installation procedure.
Along with increasing the energy rating of the building, the fresh plastering of the walls can really help revitalise an old building’s exterior aesthetic.

For more information on the benefits of external insulation get in contact with Energy Smart Homes Limited today.

Home Energy Grant

As a registered SEAI installer and a NSAI approved Insulation installer, we’re able to help clients apply for the SEAI Home Energy Grant. For more information on the grant visit the SEAI website.